Sell Your Laptop

If you’re selling. Then I’m buying!

I’m currently looking to buy both broken and working laptops, tablets and computers. If you live in Colchester or the surrounding areas then please send me an e-mail in the below format with as much detail as possible with what you’re looking to sell and how much you’re looking for. I’ll get back to you with an offer as soon as possible.

Hi Jamie,

I’m currently looking to sell my: (Tablet / Laptop / Computer / Other)
Brand Name: (Insert Brand Here)
Model Number: (If Applicable)

Current Condition:
It is currently (fully functional / damaged – please specify damage) and comes (with charger & original box, with charger, without charger, without charger or original box).
It is also (within the warranty period / outside of the warranty period) and comes (with purchase receipt, without purchase receipt).

My Reason For Selling Is:
(Please specify reason for selling)

I’d Be Willing To Sell This Device For:

My Contact Details Are:
(Full Name)
(Telephone Number)
(E-mail Address)

Best Regards,
– (Name)