Laptop Screen Replacement

Has your laptop recently been damaged?

Fear not, help is at hand. A fully comprehensive laptop screen replacement and fitting is quite affordable. A standard 15.4″ or 15.6″ laptop screen replacement can cost as little as £85.00 including parts and labour.

Depending on stock, I can undertake a full repair in under two hours, however if for whatever reason I’m out of stock then a replacement screen can be shipped overnight meaning turnaround is just 2 working days!

If you need an urgent replacement please contact us and I’ll do my best to accommodate an faster repair.

Other Possible Issues

There are instances where the laptop screen isn’t the issue however. Please help us diagnose your issue before contacting us.

LCD/LED Inverter Issues (Cheaper than laptop screen replacement):

  • Is your screen dimmer than usual?
  • Is half of the screen dim but the other half light?

LCD/LED Inveters are quite cheap to replace depending on the screen make, they retail for approximately £15-30 and take 1 hour to fit meaning a full fix can cost just £45.

Failing Graphics Cards

  • Are artifacts or random characters appearing on your screen?
  • Does your computer crash when playing games?

After a while graphics cards, like all components do tend to expire. Most laptops have integrated graphics cards, meaning this can be an expensive fix, but desktop graphics cards are quite cheap to replace.

Broken Screen

  • Is there a colour bleed or physical damage to the monitor?
  • Are there random pixels that stay constantly lit or don’t light up at all?
  • Do you have a lines of green/red/blue going across the entire screen?

These are all signs of a broken screen.

Please contact me via telephone or e-mail today for a quote, I will usually respond faster to an e-mail than a telephone call due to current workload.