Virus & Malware Removal

If your computer is running slow or you think it may be suffering from a virus or malware, please ask yourself the following questions to help diagnose the issue.

Virus / Malware Issues:

  • Is the computer running slower than usual?
  • Are there a lot of pop-ups on your computer?
  • Does your computer crash randomly?

These are all common signs of a malware or virus infection and can usually be solved in an hour or two. Please contact me for an exact quote.

However there are cases where there may be failing hardware – if your computer is taking an extended amount of time to load (2 minutes+) and / or there is a clicking coming from a component please switch your computer or laptop off IMMEDIATELY. This is a sign of a failing hard drive and any further use of the computer could result in data loss.

If you are worried about your data I do offer a data recovery and hard drive replacement service which is also quite affordable.